Our Timeline


Peter Henry Malan was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pioneer a work in Heathfield. In obedience to God and supported by his wife, Mildred Malan, he ventured out and started the work by holding meetings in the Heathfield Hall.


PH Malan was ordained as a credentialed minister in the Assembly of God and inducted as Pastor of the new assembly. It was called the Heathfield Assembly of God.

Pastor Malan was passionate about soul winning and biblical doctrine. He formed a close friendship with Pastor Colin LaFoy, who pioneered the Assembly of God Association. The Heathfield Assembly of God joined the Bethel Group of churches which was headed up by Pastor LaFoy.

The first elders to serve the local assembly were:
● Kenneth Veldsman
● Gerald Williams
● Michael Dhlamini (Associate Pastor)
● Kevin Southgate
● Jennifer Arendse - first female to serve as an elder in the Assembly of God movement
● Charles White


Soon after the beginning of South Africa’s new democracy, the end of Apartheid and the Group Areas Act, the church purchased the property in Galway Road, Heathfield. This would not have been possible under the old regime.

Building commenced in 2002 and shortly thereafter was temporarily suspended due to a lack of funding.


The Encounter God Programme was initiated, and many people received spiritual, physical and emotional healing.

The church flourished with new members and outgrew the Heathfield community hall rental.

This prompted the move to the old Telkom Exchange building on Main Road, Bergvliet.

The change of location prompted the name change to Eternal Flame. The name was based on the
experience Moses had on the mount when he had the burning bush experience. The flame was
eternal, and it illustrated the presence of God.


Pastor Malan handed over the baton to Charles White, who was ordained as a pastor in the assembly, supported by his wife, Rene White.


Thirty years after Pastor Malan’s call to start the assembly, the church celebrated the anniversary at the Cape Theological Seminary. Guests from all over the country and globe attended and Pastor Malan was honoured for his years of service.


After owning the Galway property for almost twenty years, all the conditions were right to move onto the property.


The building project commenced.


Eternal Flame resigned from the Assembly of God Association.


Charles and René White came under the fathering and spiritual oversight of Thamo and Mirolyn Naidoo, thus bringing Eternal Flame into the Gate family of churches.

Pastor PH Malan passed away - 27 December.

We salute him for his faithfulness to God and to the body of Christ.




Today, Eternal Flame is a household led by Charles and René White as senior Pastors. They are supported by Ebenezer Mahupete, Reginald Springleer, Linda Spolander and Alan Walbrugh as the church oversight committee and elders.

Worship His Majesty

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